Let’s show you what a 7 day journey can mean to a patient.

Real stories from real patients. Watch the amazing story of Kanika Callaway talking about how the D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution gave her back her smile.

Lets go over the protocol for the D5 Ultra Express All Zirconia Pro in one week (from date of surgery)

  • Custom Design & Records Visit

    At the pre-operative appointment, our smile experts help develop the perfect smile to match your face. Digital records are taken. This is the vist that we help give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

  • Surgery and Records

    Teeth are extracted if needed, implants are placed and digital post operative records are taken. This appointment is usually around three and a half hours. We use the latest pain control protocols for our patients.

  • Tryin of Custom 3D-Printed Teeth

    The very next morning we insert these teeth for three reasons.

    1. To make sure you really like the design of your new smile, if you would like any changes we note and change to ensure you like your new smile.
    2. We do full bite adjustment on the teeth, scan and incorporate this when milling the final teeth. This means very little adjusting is needed when we insert your permanent teeth.
    3. You go home with these teeth until final teeth are inserted 5 days later.

  • Insertion of Permanent, All Ziroconia Teeth in 7 Days (from date of surgery)

    For many, years of suffering from many broken, missing or failing teeth or ill-fitting dentures are eliminated. Your beautiful, all zirconia teeth look, feel and function much like your natural teeth.

  • Value

    When we implemented our D5 Teeth digital protocol into our offices over the traditional 2-step method that usually takes many visits and months to do (we used for years), it allowed us to greatly reduce our fees and patient time.

Complete upper & lower all zirconia teeth at D5 Teeth1 Week All Zirconia Teeth - D5 Teeth

We save many patients $15,000 or more to complete an upper and lower zirconia case compared to many traditional temporary teeth in one day centers with D5's digital approach and exclusive protocols.

If you're considering any other implant center, why choose D5teeth?

It’s an easy decision if possibly saving thousands of dollars and months of your time going to the dentist is important to you, let's compare D5teeth versus many other implant centers in this city.

Dr. David explains how D5teeth is the 21st century digital re-invention of denture-based temporary teeth in one day and interviews patients who have had this procedure performed.
D5teeth | Why Choose The Ultra Express Implant Solution

Upper & Lower, All Inclusive

(except sinus lifts)



Single Arch

*Pricing Expires June 30, 2024

  • We're one of the few centers that deliver custom, all zirconia permanent teeth in as little as 7 days as our routine procedure offered to all qualified candidates for full arch.

  • Why wait up to 10 months that many practices take to get zirconia teeth?
  • Why settle for wearing weak, inexpensive plastic or 3D printed temporaries for 4-10 months that are prone to break.
  • All bone grafts except sinus lifts.
  • Neodent Aqua implants offer one of the fastest healing implants in the world.
  • All extractions if needed.
  • Unconditional 3 year warranty.
    No exclusions. No deductibles.

If you're considering a payment plan watch how D5teeth can save you hundreds every month!

Take your savings and buy a new car!

(Due to rampant inflation, we've had to slightly increase our fee which results in a minimal $8 a month increase.)

The True Difference Between The D5teeth 7-Day, Digital Approach And The Denture Based Temporary Teeth In One Day Approach!

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What is the official American Dental Association's definition of permanent teeth?

Once You Know This You Will Understand Why D5teeth Gives Many Patients Permanent Zirconia Teeth In As Little As 7 Days (From Surgery) And Virtually Every Temporary Teeth In One Day Center In This City Only Gives Temporary Or Long Term Provisionals On The Same Day Of Surgery Or In 18 Hours!

You decide - do you want a Rolex or Timex? Would you pay more for a Timex?

D5teeth all zirconia implant know how

Precision engineered and excellence in it’s making

Every single step in the fabrication of a D5 zirconia restoration is meticulously digitally designed, hours spent hand finishing, glazing and hand layering porcelain over multiple cycles that results in stunning aesthetics. Every single step is designed, shaped, layered and polished by our master ceramists and designers. Our restoration is made possible by numerous people with precision skills… But above all, it takes time.
Only after working 24/7 for around 3 days non-stop can we create a restoration that we call a master piece worthy of our patients. It’s a mark of our responsibility not to cut corners to try to get patients zirconia teeth the same day or the next day after surgery. It’s called integrity. Full arch is all we do. And, because we spend the appropriate time when we insert our restoration you’ll want to own it for the rest of your life. NO same day teeth because it’s all about time.

There are centers now offering same day or next day zirconia teeth. D5teeth could easily offer this. But for us, many critical steps would have to be skipped. What's interesting is some of these centers cost $10,000-15,000 more than D5teeth.

Here's one example

Jacksonville Implant & Dentures offers a same day zirconia procedure.

Sounds good until you hear the owners say the restoration doesn't meet their standards for clinical care for almost all patients and they almost never do it!

Amazing video.

Jax Implant is heavily marketing a same day procedure against our 7 day procedure but in the video they say the restoration will almost never meet their standards for clinical care.

D5teeth could make a 1 day restoration just like Jax Implant but just like Jax Implant it would never meet our standards for what we would give to a patient. Unlike Jax Implant, we don’t heavily market a one day procedure to get patients in the door and then do a bait and switch to get them to our real 7 day procedure.

Just remember Jax Implant's real routine procedure historically takes 4+ months. It's surgery, temporary teeth the next day and around 4+ months later, finally zirconia teeth.
D5teeth Implant Centers

At D5teeth you could be done with a restoration that meets all standards of clinical care in 7 days!

Here are 3 treatment plans from patients that went to Jax Implant for consultations. The same day procedure was not brought up until patients asked. Two were told if they wanted a quality restoration it would take 4 months. The third patient who had no teeth (which would make it easy to do a same day procedure) was told she was not a candidate. She was told her case would take 4+ months.

Treatment Plan
Example #1

(Click to enlarge)

Treatment Plan
Example #2

(Click to enlarge)

Treatment Plan
Example #3

(Click to enlarge)

Notice that these 3 treatment plans, their standard care is the 4 month protocol we've been talking about, not same day teeth!

All 3 patients have given sworn affidavits that are stored in our attorney’s office attesting to the truth to the above facts.

Expedited smile transformations at one of the best fees in the U.S.Can any other implant center you may be considering offer these results in as little as 7 days as their routine procedure they offer all qualified patients?

D5teeth Restorative Options

D5teeth Ultra Restoration Options

Hybrid Bridges

All Zirconia Pro
In 1 week!*
All Zirconia ProAll Zirconia Pro Pricing

*Pricing Expires June 30, 2024
** For Qualified

Prettau® 2 Dispersive®
  • D5teeth Implant Solution for many in as little as 7 days (from date of surgery)!
  • Many temporary teeth in one day centers take 6 to 10 months and 7 to 12 visits after surgery before patient finally receives zirconia teeth.
  • Zirconia is a metal oxide that, when placed in furnace at extreme temperatures, transforms into a ceramic with extreme compressive strength and durability.
  • We use Prettau® 2 Dispersive® zirconia produced by Zirkonzahn--One of the world’s most expensive zirconia producing stunning, life-like aesthetics*.
  • Because restoration is literally almost a metal it is very break resistent*.
  • Full warranty for 3 years
  • Click for Detailed Information
Ultimate Bridge
Implant Solution
D5 Ultimate BridgeUltimate Bridge Pricing
  • Our D5teeth Zirconia/Tecno Med bridges features stunning aesthetics and a custom Tecno Med substructure that mimics natural tissue and bone*.
  • Features custom designed and milled individual crowns that are hand layered and stained that make this one of the most aesthetic hybrids available.
  • Weighs less than all zirconia bridges, more like natural teeth*.
  • For the fees some implant offices are charging for full zirconia restorations, you can have our ultimate restoration with individual crowns and custom Tecno Med substructure that mimics natural tissue and bone. *This restoration is for the discerning patient that demand the very best in all phases of life.
  • Full warranty for 3 years.
  • Click for Detailed Information
* From Zircon Zahn research.

Dr. David, founder of D5teeth explains two D5teeth restorative options and the difference using D5teeth's exclusive technology and digital systems over the traditional, denture based temporary teeth in one day approach invented 30 years ago. D5teeth allows many patients to receive permanent, all zirconia teeth in as little as 7 days from date of surgery at significant cost savings.

At many other implant centers in this city - You may receive a temporary, converted denture on the day of surgery, or the next day, usually within about 18 hours of surgery, some form of 3D printed plastic teeth. These 3D printed teeth are many times just plastic (PMMA). You'll be stuck wearing some form of temporary teeth for approximately 4 to 10 months. They can be weak, bulky, and prone to breakage.
D5teeth - We are a fully integrated company where all aspects of implant dentistry are done under one corporate roof. With our in-house Jacksonville laboratory and 2 more state of the art design and milling centers in Jacksonville and our design center in Atlanta combined with our nationwide surgery centers with our own laboratories we don't have to outsource restorations to commercial laboratories. It's the ultimate in quality control and eliminates the middle man helping us lower costs to patients. Because our main labs work 24/7 we've been able to help thousands of patients receive permanent teeth in an expedited timeframe and save them months of their valuable time.
Typical implant centers charge significantly more than D5teeth!

Why is there such a stunning difference in cost and times between D5teeth and many temporary teeth in one day centers?

And why do these centers make you wear temporary teeth for up to a year?

One of the main reasons are the requirements of the
Immediate Load.

Understanding Immediate Load
Your Whole Procedure is Based on this.

Implant research shows we only have around 14 days after surgery to splint implants together. It doesn’t matter if it’s temporary or permanent teeth.

After this limited time, if you are still taking impressions or doing procedures that cause movement to unhealed implants this can cause high implant failure. These movements may cause bone cells that are growing into the unhealed implants to die and cause the implants to fail. This is why for over 30 years patients have been required to usually wear temporaries for up to a year at most temporary teeth in one day implant centers. Most of these centers back then and to this day don't have the ability to make permanent teeth in this limited timeframe.

D5teeth nationwide implant centers revolutionized this 30 year old temporary teeth in one day analog procedure by combining state of the art surgery centers with a 24-hour, advanced design and digital, in-house milling center with exclusive software and proprietary digital protocols developed over 7 years. This has allowed D5teeth Implant Centers to now have helped thousands of patients across the country receive permanent, zirconia teeth in 7 days.

Offices with no labs or small labs without our digital protocols usually have no ability to design and fabricate zirconia teeth in this limited 14 day window. This is why their patients have to wear either plastic, converted temporary dentures or now 3D-printed teeth. When you do your research, for the privilege of wearing plastic temporaries for up to 10 months, in many cases, their patients pay $15k-25,000 more!


Our digital technology has allowed dramatic cost savings to patients. Our doctors months later after healing don't have to spend multiple visits over months fabricating permanent teeth for patients like other centers. This is why we're able to save many patients thousands of dollars and also months of their time going to the dentist.

D5teeth Implant Centers

Full Mouth Zirconia Restoration In As Little As 7 Days!

We want to show you the D5 digital approach with proprietary technology and protocols developed over 7 years combined with the D5 lab that works 24 hours a day for around 7 days to make zirconia teeth.
  • Day 1 - Surgery
  • Day 2 - Review of custom smile design
  • Day 4 - Insertion of Permanent Zirconia Teeth
D5teeth vs Other Implant Centers

Many Implant Centers with Small Labs or No Labs!

Because many centers do not have the ability to fabricate zirconia teeth in 5–7 days after try-in needed to splint implants together their patients have to wear many times inexpensive plastic temporaries for months.
  • Day 1 - Surgery & records
  • Day 2 - Try in of temporary plastic or 3D printed teeth
  • 4–6 months later - After implants heels, fabrication of zirconia begins
  • Up to 2 months after - Insertion of permanent zirconia teeth

Full Mouth Zirconia Restoration
In As Little As Just 7 Days!

When it comes to dental implants and Zirconia full mouth restoration, there are many places to choose from but understanding the process and getting familiar with the one you choose is critical to determine the overall result of this life changing procedure.

Here is what to expect when you choose D5teeth® for your full mouth zirconia restoration:

D5teeth Implan Center
Full Mouth Restoration

As Little as 7 Days To Restore Your Smile

Over the course of one week, you will undergo everything needed to completely and permanently restore your smile!
Step 1
D5teeth Implan Center
Smile Preview
Custom Designed Smile Preview
After implant placement, the Smile Preview phase begins. This is where we provide you with a preview of your final zirconia teeth, and also incorporate any changes you'd like.
Step 2
D5teeth Implan Center
Milling & Finishing
Beautiful Zirconia Teeth
Once you’ve created the smile of your dreams, our lab will start the process of fabricating an identical copy in stunning zirconia over the next few days.
Step 3
D5teeth Implan Center
Smile With Confidence
New You In the New Year!
Make this the year you said goodbye to unexpected, problematic, and costly dental visits. Smile again, laugh again, love again, live again!
Step 4

All Inclusive Pricing!

D5teeth All Inclusive PricingD5teeth All Inclusive PricingD5teeth All Inclusive Pricing
(*Expires September 30, 2023)
D5 Teeth Pretau 2

Dedicated To Precision Engineering / Zero Compromise

D5teeth digital approach versus denture-based traditional temporary teeth in one day

We feel D5teeth is the 21st century digital re-invention of temporary teeth in one day. Learn how you may save months of your valuable time and thousands of dollars.
(Detailed disclaimer at bottom of page.)

D5 Immediate load technique vs. Teeth In a Day centers using 3D weak plastic temporaries you have to wear for months

Because our D5 laboratory works 3 shifts 24 hours a day, within as little as 4 days, our patients receive permanent zirconia teeth to splint implants together during healing. We developed D5 protocols so our patients would not have to wear inexpensive weak 3D plastic temporaries or converted acrylic dentures that may then bend and flex during healing process.

Consider if we break a bone doctors will place a hard cast so the bone does not move. The more stable the bone the better it will heal. The analogy in implants is by splinting the implants within 7 days with permanent zirconia teeth at D5 centers we are taking dentistry's most rigid ceramic that will not bend and flex and this is like placing a hard cast.

We don't want to give our patients inexpensive weak 3D temporaries or converted dentures. We feel these temporaries are like using a soft wrap over a broken bone. Our patients don't have to settle for wearing printed plastic teeth with fancy names, maybe trying to camouflage what they really are... temporary teeth!

(Detailed disclaimer at bottom of page.)

Dedicated to precision fit to implants and gum tissue

With D5 exclusive technology, years of research & development, specialized surgical and restorative protocols and our lab that works 24 hours per day, our patients receive restorations with no gaps and precision fits to implants.

Watch the video to learn how we do this.

(Detailed disclaimer at bottom of page.)

3 Year D5 Teeth Warranty

No Exclusions

At D5 Centers nationwide, we offer an unconditional, three year warranty with no exclusions. None! We literally mean if you fall on your face and the bridge breaks, we will fix it for free. We have no health exclusions, smokers are fine, diabetes is fine, auto-immune patients are fine. We have no deductible or overpriced cleanings that you have to pay for twice a year to get any kind of warranty. Bottom line - If any implants fail or anything breaks within three years, you don't have to pay one penny!

Call Us Today For a Free Consultation!**

Speak with one of our consultants and learn how this revolutionary procedure could help solve your dental problems.
**Additional charges may be incurred for related services which may be required in individual cases.

Lets Compare D5 Permanent Implant Teeth vs. Over Dentures vs. Dentures

D5 Teeth Comparison Chart

permanent implant
supported teeth

  • Even under extreme biting forces no pressure on gums. Totally rigid permanent teeth
  • Nothing covers the roof of your mouth because of strength of restoration
  • No upper gagging issues
  • Ultimate aesthetics because these are custom designed ceramic teeth
  • Functions and chewing power compared to natural teeth is around a 9 out of 10 because these are implant retained teeth
  • Implants stop or reduce further bone loss - you don't become a dental cripple years later
  • Fee - our fee for permanent upper and lower zirconia teeth at $36,000 or $18,500 is such a great value that we find many patients we see for second opinions are almost being charged the same for overdentures!


  • Restoration is tissue based after plugging into implants. Tight restorations because of retention of implants however, since they rest on the gum they still slightly move when you chew and you'll always feel constant pressure on your gums
  • Around 70% of roof of mouth will be exposed because acrylic needs more bulk so it does not break
  • No upper gagging issues
  • Aesthetics are good but patient is downgrading to premium plastic denture teeth vs. custom ceramic teeth for D5teeth
  • Function and chewing around a 6 out of 10 because the restorations are tissue based and only plug into implants that move when chewing
  • Implants stop bone loss - you won't become a dental cripple years later
  • At many offices can cost almost as much as our custom permanent zirconia teeth. If you are considering plug-in dentures, call us for a free consultation. We may for just a little bit more, give you permanent teeth in as little as 7 days (from date of surgery for many).


  • Tissue based with no implant support. Restorations move and are not stable. Very little retention. Usually upper arch has some suction, lower very difficult for many to chew.
  • Covers the entire roof of the mouth covering around 50% of all taste buds in your mouth
  • Upper denture covering roof of mouth in many people causing them to gag or vomit
  • Aesthetics can be good, but usually are plastic denture teeth
  • Dentures only usually provide no more than 20% of normal chewing power. Lower dentures can almost be impossible to wear.
  • As difficult as it is to wear your first denture, as years pass and bone goes away it becomes even more difficult to chew
  • Lower cost, but you get what you pay for

We deliver smiles that are life like, custom designed just for you and look totally natural.

Do you have questions about this procedure?


Attend our LIVE webinar and you’ll get the opportunity to learn more about this advanced digital technology used in our D5teeth restoration procedure.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023
6:30pm (EST)


Let’s Compare The Two Main Avenues To Receive Zirconia Bridges.

D5 Ultra Express All Zirconia Pro in 1 week.

  • Uses one of the world’s most expensive Zirconia, Pretau2© Dispersive® Zirconia from Zirkonzahn, one of the premiere makers of Zirconia. Imported from Italy for stunning esthetics and strength.
  • For qualified patients in just 3 visits over 7 days, you have final Zirconia teeth from the date of surgery. One of only the few centers in the U.S. with the technology and skill to do this.
  • Incredible all-inclusive fee of $18,500 or $34,500 for both upper & lower complete (excludes sinus lifts).
  • Includes implants, extractions if needed, bone grafts, removal of old implants, Zirconia Bridge, first two re-care cleanings and all post-op visits at no additional charge.
  • Includes an unconditional 5 year warranty.

Traditional Teeth in a Day Approach

  • Could spend multiple visits to make temporary teeth that will be converted on day of surgery.
  • Temporary teeth that are converted can be prone to breakage during healing phase.
  • Months later after healing, it can take multiple visits over several months to receive final permanent zirconia teeth.
  • In many cases, fees for complete upper and lower zirconia teeth will have a fee range of $50,000-60,000 versus D5 fee of $34,500 for complete upper and lower zirconia teeth all inclusive except sinus lifts.

Call Today to Schedule a Free Consultation**

**Additional charges may be incurred for related services which may be required in individual cases.




**Does not include sinus lifts.
I went in for the procedure and was done in about one hour. I had no pain whatsoever, no discomfort...it was just amazing! I went to work next morning. I wish I had done this a long time ago...Paulina (D5 Ultra Express Patient - all patient's experiences may differ.)
Watch Paulina's full story on how this procedure changed her life

Serving Jacksonville, Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Dallas/Fort Worth & Los Angeles

dental implant technology

State of the Art Digital Technology

For many, D5teeth is pleased to be one of the few facilities in the world to be able to offer our patients a custom milled hybrid bridge, in as little as just 7 days.

(In 7 days we are referring to the date of surgery to insertion of permanent zirconia teeth.)

new smile

Custom Designed Smiles

We know what a beautiful smile can mean in business and social occasions for a patient. It can increase your confidence and make you look younger. We deliver smiles that are life like, custom designed just for you and look totally natural.

new teeth surgery

Permanent Zirconia Teeth
in as little as 7 days

While traditional methods can take up to 10 months to complete, with D5teeth for many, in as little as 7 days from date of surgery years of suffering from failing or missing teeth come to an end. Beautiful, all zirconia teeth are inserted.

Real Results

D5teeth has proudly helped thousands of patients achieve beautiful new smiles that brought new meaning to their lives. Watch their stories.

Watch Real Testimonials
DISCLAIMER: D5 patients will be provided with a complimentary consultation. Your doctor will discuss possibilities. Assuming the patient qualifies D5teeth can provide permanent teeth restorations for many within 7 days from surgery. At the end of 7 days, final permanent teeth are made of durable zirconia approved by the FDA for permanent use and meet ADA coding standards for permanent final teeth. Unlike permanent prosthesis which can only be used temporarily, permanent prosthesis are FDA approved to last for the duration of the patient's life. In order to manufacture permanent zirconia teeth, sophisticated technology is required for the surgery center and laboratory. This technology is expensive to obtain, maintain, and operate. For these reasons, most centers out-source milling and designing permanent teeth, thus requiring much more than a week to produce. We are proud to feature Prettau® 2 Dispersive® zirconia from Zirkonzahn, which according to the manufacturer is the most expensive zirconia produced for full arch dentistry in the world based on their research. When we say most centers charge $15-25k more and do your research, this is based on D5 calling multiple offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago and Philadelphia besides many other offices in cities not mentioned. And also based on the number of patients coming to our office for 2nd opinions and showing us their treatment plans. Our research shows the average fee range for complete upper and lower zirconia teeth including sedation, all needed extractions, all bone graphs except sinus lifts, all implants and final restoration is between $48k and $75k. When we say possibly the only surgical center in this city, this is based on extensive research that consisted in calling every center listed on Google and marketing they do full arch dentistry. We also called every oral surgeon and periodontist in the first coast area and asked, are you able to insert permanent zirconia teeth in as little as 7 days from surgery? It is possible we missed some offices not marketing full arch dentistry that possibly could do this procedure but highly unlikely due to the extreme nature of the search we did.