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D5 Teeth Ultra Express All Zirconia Pro

What is the D5 implant solution and how does it work?

The D5 implant solution is an amazing technological breakthrough that uses the world’s most expensive Zirconia, Pretau2© Dispersive® Zirconia from Zirkonzahn, the premier maker of Zirconia. Imported from Italy for stunning esthetics and strength.

Why does the D5 implant solution cost so much less than other so-called teeth in a day procedures?

What makes other “teeth in a day” procedures cost so much is the expense of fabricating the prosthesis and the doctor time throughout the 10-15 visits. With the D5 all digital process, we’ve lowered the fee by around 40%. These are the benefits of technology done right - better, faster, and more affordable!

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What Criteria is used to determine if I am a candidate for the D5 implant solution procedure?

If you have many failing or broken teeth, if you’re wearing an ill-fitting denture, if you have around 40% bone loss or more, if you’ve had your teeth crowned multiple times, then you are the perfect candidate for D5. With dental implants, you can now have a permanent solution with D5 instead of multiple temporary fixes.

Is there a lot of pain with the D5 solution and what is the healing process?

With over 30 years experience, we provide a short, pain-free surgery. During recovery, most patients have their pain managed by the 4th day, are back to work by the 5th day, and are 100% recovered by the two-week mark.

Can I use insurance for the D5 solution, if not, are there payment options?

We will file your dental insurance for you, and most dental insurances give you $1,500-2,000 per year towards the procedure. To make up for the lack of contribution on their part, we’ve made the D5 procedure drastically more accessible for the average American, and when you come in for a free consultation you’ll find we have many affordable payment plans.

Why do you consider the D5 implant solution the epitome of engineering excellence?

We’ve spent years digitizing the 25-year-old “teeth in a day” process and also invested heavily into R&D that had improved the procedure. This is why we are one of the few offices in the US to offer both FDA approved ceramics for permanent restorations, and one of the only to offer stunning, lifelike teeth in under one week.

What is the difference between the D5 Implant solution and other so-called teeth in a day procedures?

D5 is one of the few practices in the US with the technology to offer the two materials approved by the ADA as real final permanent teeth in a week or less. Virtually every other “teeth in a day” center gives you temporary teeth on the day of surgery, usually a simple converted temporary denture. You must wait months before receiving your real teeth!

I've had a lot of crowns done over my life. Would I be a candidate for the D5 Implant solution?

This depends on the state of your teeth under the crowns. Since it’s typically around the same cost to the patient, you should consider D5 if you have existing crowns that are aging, rampant decay under the crowns, periodontal disease, or bone loss. This provides a stronger foundation for your teeth.

If I have existing implants can they be used with the D5 Implant solution?

Most of the time, your existing implants are not in the proper position for a full-arch restoration. Other times, older implants weren’t designed for digital dentistry. The D5 uses a global fee, we remove and upgrade your implants to a modern, 21st century platform that will last a lifetime for the same low price!

I have severe dental anxiety. I don't even like having X-rays. How can I even get through a procedure like D5 Implant solution?

D5 is the ultimate procedure designed for the anxious patient. As an assistant at the first dental fear clinic in the US, Dr. David understands dental anxiety. D5 uses the latest anesthesia, heavy sedation, and digital methods to ensure there’s no pain or discomfort. In less than one week over 2-3 visits, your problems are totally solved!

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I have a lot of bad teeth and I've been considering dentures. Why should I consider the D5 Implant solution instead?

Dentures are an outdated, temporary solution which restricts your bite force to 20% and causes rapid bone loss. Unless you’re in your 70s or 80s, dentures will lead you to becoming a dental cripple in a matter of a decade or two. The D5 is a permanent restoration that allows your new permanent teeth to function just like your natural teeth!

What if I have bone loss? Like from wearing dentures a long time. Am I still a candidate for D5 Implant solution?

After doing around 1,000 arches, we found that about 95% of patients were able to have the D5 procedure right away. With the other 5%, those who have suffered major bone loss from many years of missing teeth, we perform a sinus lift and give you around 4 months for your new bone to integrate. Even if you’re a worst case scenario, D5 will get you permanent teeth 4-8 months faster than other “teeth in a day” centers!

What will my diet restrictions be after having the D5 Implant solution?

Because D5 uses a rigid final restoration instead of a flexible temporary denture , you’re on a soft food diet for only the first 90 days after your D5 procedure restoration - any food that you can cut with a fork. After 3 months, you will have virtually zero dietary restrictions!

What materials are used in the D5 Implant solution and are they FDA certified?

D5 might be one of the few procedures in the country that offers the only two FDA approved ceramics that you can use in a permanent hybrid - zirconia and nano ceramic.

Why is the D5 Implant solution so much faster than other so-called teeth in a day procedures?

The “teeth in a day” procedure is a 25-year-old analog technique using temporary converted dentures. Our technology is all digital, giving us the ability to bypass this outdated process using facial scanning technology and sophisticated 3D printers, which has allowed us to save patients their time and money.

You have multiple offices for the D5 Implant solution but I don't live near any of them. Do you have a travel package?

D5 offers a 3-day Smile Transformation Package, which gives patients a 5-star experience. About 20% of our patients come in from out of town to save up to $20,000 and months of their valuable time over other “teeth in a day” centers. We can even offer our visiting patients zirconia in about 5 days!

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All they offer is a temporary denture converted with temporary parts that allow it to be screwed into implants. Also called interim or converstion denture.

Bottom Line: Temporary teeth!

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