Am I a candidate for the D5 path to permanent zirconia teeth in as little as 7 days?

Not temporaries I might have to wear for up to 10 months.

If you are suffering from the conditions below, the D5teeth procedure may be right for you.

Are you suffering from ill-fitting dentures or partials? If so, do any of these apply to you?

A. Gagging issues.
B. Cannot taste your food properly
C. Cannot chew food properly.
D. Difficult to talk.
E. Tired of using adhesives.
F. Poor aesthetics.
G. Embarrassed in business situations.

Have you been diagnosed with moderate to severe gum disease?

Do you have any broken, failing or missing teeth? Are they causing you pain?

Do you have difficulty trying to eat food such as steaks, ribs, apples, corn on the cob, carrots and other raw vegetables and wish you could?

Are you grinding with many worn teeth?

Have your teeth been heavily restored with crowns, bridges or root canals and you're still having many problems? Have you spent thousands of dollars on denture care and may want a more permanent solution.

What Criteria is used to determine if I am a candidate for the D5 implant solution procedure?

If you have many failing or broken teeth, if you’re wearing an ill-fitting denture, if you have around 40% bone loss or more, if you’ve had your teeth crowned multiple times, then you may be the perfect candidate for D5teeth. With dental implants, many can now have a permanent solution with D5 instead of multiple temporary fixes.

With the D5 Implant Solution, our goal is to use some of the most advanced technology to expedite the insertion of permanent teeth at an affordable fee.

Do you have questions about this procedure?


Attend our LIVE webinar and you’ll get the opportunity to learn more about this advanced digital technology used in our D5teeth restoration procedure.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023
6:30pm (EST)


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We are one of the few practices in the United States that offer the ability to truly make permanent hybrid teeth attached to implants in as little as just 7 days!

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