We deliver smiles that are life like, custom designed just for you and look totally natural.

Revolutionary technology - D5Teeth

Let’s go over how truly revolutionary our technology is compared to typical temporary teeth in a day centers.

With D5 digital technology we only need three visits to insert permanent zirconia teeth. The first visit is surgery and digital records. Next day we insert a 3D printed mock-up of your teeth for you to approve. Don’t like something? We change it.

We then perfect the bite on your teeth and digitally scan this to lab. We immediately start fabricating your final teeth. You go home with the mock-up teeth for 5 days. On the seventh day, we insert final Zirconia teeth. Remember, since we adjusted your bite on the mock-up teeth it only takes around 30 minutes to insert the final teeth. This is how advanced our technology is.

Your other option. You could get fooled by centers spending millions of dollars on commercials claiming they give patients permanent teeth in one day when they do not. Some even run commercials showing patients looking for a center that can do everything in one day. Notice this when you see these commercials running on tv. They will even show patients saying they got it all done in one day. Guess what, if you mean permanent Zirconia teeth like the D5 and not temporaries they are not telling the truth. Do you really want to go to a place that lies about what they really do?

Call us for a free consultation including x-rays. We save patients up to $20,000 over what many centers charge and eight months of their time.

Let’s Compare The Three Main Avenues To Receive Zirconia Bridges.

D5 Ultra Express All Zirconia Pro in 1 week.

Uses the world’s most expensive Zirconia, Pretau2© Dispersive® Zirconia from Zirkonzahn, the premier maker of Zirconia. Imported from Italy for stunning esthetics and strength.

For qualified patients in just 3 visits over 7 days, you have final Zirconia teeth. Maybe the only center in the U.S. with the technology and skill to do this.

Incredible all-inclusive fee $36,500 upper & lower complete (excludes sinus lifts).

Includes implants, extractions if needed, bone grafts, removal of old implants, Zirconia Bridge and first two re-care cleanings for free.

Many Temporary Teeth in a Day Centers Like You See on TV.

Many run slick commercials claiming patients get permanent teeth on day of surgery.

Many run commercials showing patients looking for centers that can do it all in one day.

Did you know neither of these statements are true? Patients only receive temporary teeth on day of surgery, many times a conventional temporary denture. Then months later with many visits sometimes eight months later the patient finally receives zirconia teeth.

Does this sound like a center that can do it all in one day?

Think about it. If centers run such unethical commercials that claim to do wht they clearly can’t do, do you want to trust your care to such centers?

High fees. When we call many of these centers you see advertised on tv, the fee quoted is between $55,000 and $65,000!

G4 Gulpa Zirconia
(from their website)

Claims you get Zirconia teeth in three visits just like the D5 in three visits. However, when you read the fine print, you find:

A. You first have to go through their procedure to get a PMMA restoration after coming in for a consultation. These are not permanent teeth because a PMMA restoration is not approved by the FDA as a permanent ceramic.

B. Then you have to come back six months later for more records (maybe another set of flights to city).

C. Finally at nine months you have to come in to get your Zirconia teeth. (Perhaps another plane flight).

D. Just remember with the D5 Ultra Zirconia Pro you would have been done in or around seven and a half months sooner.

Cost - according to website from $36,500; keyword FROM! With D5 our all-inclusive fee, except sinus lifts, is $36,500. Not From!

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True Permanent Implant Teeth in 24 Hours to one week for Zirconia,
Not Temporaries!

One of the few facilities in the world to be able to offer this technology

I went in for the procedure and was done in about one hour. I had no pain whatsoever, no discomfort…it was just amazing! I went to work next morning. I wish I had done this a long time ago…Paulina (D5 Ultra Express Patient)
Watch Paulina’s full story on how this procedure changed her life
dental implant technology

Advanced Technology

D5Teeth is pleased to be one of the few facilities in the world to be able to offer our patients a custom milled hybrid bridge, with a milled Trilor framework in 24 hours with just one visit or 3 visits over one week for Zirconia!

new smile

Custom Designed Smiles

We know what a beautiful smile can mean in business and social occasions for a patient. It can increase your confidence and make you look younger. We deliver smiles that are life like, custom designed just for you and look totally natural.

new teeth surgery

Permanent teeth in 24 Hours

While traditional methods can take up to 20 weeks to complete, with D5 you simply come in for 2 visits over 24 hours or three visits over 7 days and you’re done! New permanent teeth and a beautiful perfect, smile!

Real Results

We have proudly helped hundreds of patients achieve beautiful new smiles that brought new meaning to their lives. Watch their stories.

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All they offer is a temporary denture converted with temporary parts that allow it to be screwed into implants. Also called interim or converstion denture.

Bottom Line: Temporary teeth!

The Truth About Hybrids