Save Thousands and get Permanent Teeth Not Temporaries in just 24 hours! Offer Expires Dec. 31, 2019
You Don't Have To Pay Over $50,000 & Wear Temporaries For Months Like Other Choice Centers
Advanced Twenty First Century All Digital Technology
Single Arch $18,500
Both Arches $33,500

Many patients in just 2 visits & 24 hours have
FINAL permanent teeth inserted, not temporaries!


Considering Temporary Teeth in a Day Centers?

Check Out The 24-Hour Permanent D5 Teeth Solution. Save Thousands!

3 Day Smile Transformation
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All you need to know about teeth in a day, hybrid, all-on-four and other full mouth restoration procedures

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D5 Ultra Express might be the best value in the Country for Full Mouth Restoration

No matter where you are in the United States, we've got you covered!


We have proudly helped patients nationwide achieve their dream smiles!

We offer True World Class Five Star Service for patients traveling to have this incredible procedure in our state-of-the-art offices in Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida.

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Package includes airfare for two for up to $1000

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All transportation from your hotel to our office


We assist with prescription pick up and delivery

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We also provide a special package for those not in need of airfare tickets and hotel accommodations which includes free transportation to and from your hotel for this procedure. Contact us to learn more.

Just 2 visits in 24 hours and you're done!

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What makes D5 one of the best and most affordable solutions for teeth restoration in the Country?

The all digital reinvention of temporary teeth in a day has allowed us to substantially reduce the cost on this procedure. Here is how:

We don’t make temporary teeth.

Because we don't have to make expensive temporary teeth that gets thrown away once patient receives the final teeth months later, we pass this savings on to you.

Less visits, less overall procedure cost

We don't have to spend months with many visits to fabricate patient's permanent bridges like other places do.

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Compare the D5 Ultra Express to the two top national providers of Hybrid Implant Supported Bridges

  • Final permanent teeth in 24 hours
  • Patient receives final permanent teeth, custom designed 24 hours after surgery.
  • 100% Custom Digital Design
  • 100% custom digital design, custom milled nanoceramic bridge, personalized for each patient.
  • Custom Titanium Bar
  • Custom milled titanium reinforcing bar for each arch to ensure perfect fit strength and long term durability of final set of teeth. **IMPORTANT** Having a non-custom titanium bar, that is not precisely designed for the teeth, can cause the entire restoration to fail with time.
  • 6 Implants per arch***
  • Placing six implants ensures your restoration remains successful even if one implant fails. The minimum number of implants needed to support an arch is 4, but if one implant fails the restoration is no good.
  • Upper, Lower or Both Arches
  • For patients that need only upper or lower restoration, we can do just one arch because the D5 is trully 100% custom digital design. We have no problem matching the occlusion of natural teeth or shade because all D5 hybrid bridges are custom designed.
  • Airfare up to $1,000
    Free hotel accommodations for two
    Free transportation from hotel to our office
  • Temporary (Provisional) Implant Teeth
  • Patient receives temporary set of teeth after surgery.
  • Not Digital
  • Procedure on final restoration is still denture based, not digital. You pretend you are making a denture and get to the wax try in state where patients see denture teeth on a temporary base. After patient approves denture set up, teeth are scanned (bio copy) and restoration is milled. Teeth are not custom digitally designed like the D5 process.
  • All Zirconia Restoration
  • All zirconia restoration.
  • 4 Implants per arch
  • Uses just 4 implants, which is the minimum number of implants needed to support an arch, but if one implant fails the restoration needs to be redone.
  • Upper, Lower or Both Arches
  • Offers options for upper or lower arch.
  • Airfare not included
    No provisions for hotel accommodations
    No provisions for transportation
  • Pre-made teeth in one visit
  • Patient receives a set of pre-made (made in bulk) teeth in one visit, NOT personalized and custom designed for each patient.
  • Semi-Custom Digital Technique
  • Patient receives a set of standard teeth in 24 hours but because teeth is pre-made, is not personalized and custom designed for each patient.
  • Non-custom Titanium Bar
  • This center makes teeth in bulk with the inside part of the hybrid kept hollowed, this allows for a non-custom titanium bar to be used. Having a non-custom titanium bar, that is not precisely designed for the teeth, can cause many problems and the entire restoration to fail with time.
  • 4 Implants per arch
  • Uses just 4 implants, which is the minimum number of implants needed to support an arch, but if one implant fails the restoration needs to be redone.
  • Most Cases Require Both Arches
  • Because teeth is premade, this center many times recommends patients to do both upper and lower arches even if patient has a good arch because they say is difficult to match occlusion and shade. They say they will do one arch if your natural arch is perfect.
    This again is caused by the fact that they do not use a 100% custom digital design and they have a difficult time matching pre-made teeth to natural arch. With the D5 Ultra Express, you do not have to do an unnecessary arch and have to spend around $20,000
  • Airfare not included
    Free hotel accommodations
    Free transportation

Ready to solve your dental problems
and get the smile of your dreams?


Implant teeth in 24 hours


We are one of the few facilities in the world to be able to offer this technology and deliver a beautiful permanent teeth in just 24 hours!

While traditional methods can take up to 32 weeks to complete, with D5 you simply come in one morning to prepare your teeth and come back the next day to have your restoration finalized and a beautiful perfect smile!

no temporary denture


Most places only offer a temporary denture converted with temporary parts on the day of surgery.

If you’ve been considering teeth in a day, all on four, hybrid, or real choice; is important to know at most you are simply getting a temporary denture converted with temporary parts.


$18,500* Per Arch

implant teeth features
implant teeth more features

We have proudly helped patients nationwide achieve their dream smiles

Special offers for out-of-town and out of state patients

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We will provide you with all transportation from airport and hotel, plus complimentary 3 night hotel stay and airfare voucher for 2. We also have golf packages available that include playing at the world famous TPC Home of the Players Golf Tournament.

Dr. Joel David

A Special Message From Dr. Joel David

Hello, I’m Dr. Joel David owner and clinical director of David & Associates. We have one of the few facilities in the world where patients can truly receive permanent teeth in 24 hours with just 2 visits, not temporaries! We call it the D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution.

Because of the D5 technology, a great number of patients fly from all around the country to our offices in Jacksonville and Orlando to have this procedure done. Why? Because if you are considering Teeth in a Day™, All on four™, or one of those large corporate centers constantly advertising Teeth in one day, what they don’t tell you is all their patients receive are temporary teeth. Then, usually months later usually with many visits their patients finally get their real teeth. So, please go through our website which I think will fully inform you of the advantage of the D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution. If you can give us just 3 days of your time, we may be able to solve your dental problems!

Let me walk you through this process prepared exclusively for out of town patients.

“It’s an easy choice!”

So, if you are suffering from many broken or failing teeth, or an ill fitting denture and want a permanent implant supported bridge you have two choices:

– One, come see us for three days. We keep you one extra day to make sure everything is ok, go home and you’re done! Really done, No temporaries!
– Two, go to a local center doing Teeth in a Day™, you will usually spend several visits to make your temporary teeth, then surgical visit with temporary teeth, wait three or four months and many times spend 6-8 weeks with many visits before receiving your permanent teeth.

“Exceptional Hospitality”

We take pride in how we treat our out of town patients. We pick you up at the airport in a luxury SUV and take you to your hotel. You are then driven to our office for a complete examination and records. Next, you are picked up for your surgical appointment, 24 hours later to insert restoration, next day check up visit, then driven to the airport. We pick up all of your prescriptions for you and literally anything you need when you are here , we are at your disposal!

“Remarkable Fee”

$18,500 per arch

What is also remarkable is our fee**, $18,500 per arch or $33,500 complete upper and lower including hotel, airfare voucher for two, implants, and bridge! The D5 Ultra Technology has let us bring dramatic cost reductions for our patients. With Teeth in a Day™, the national average to make two arches of temporary teeth is close to $4,000. When the patient finally receives their permanent teeth you literally throw $4,000 invested in temporary teeth in the garbage can. Instead of our dentists having to spend 15 to 20 hours on average fabricating your final restoration, we are doing something more productive. This allows another reduction in our fee.

Compare our price with other providers of hybrid implant bridges and you will be even more amazed at our pricing. (One of the largest companies with multiple offices all around the country, we’re told, has an average fee of $24,000 per arch). You will find with our D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution it not only will save you thousands in many cases but you don’t have to wear temporary teeth for months or, believe it or not, wear a simple denture for months before receiving your permanent teeth like some practices do!

“Personalized just for you”

Your final restoration is also the state of the art in hybrid bridges. A beautiful hybrid bridge digitally and uniquely designed for you to ensure strength, longevity and aesthetics. We use 6 implants per arch when patient has adequate bone instead of 4 like many centers. Why? With 4 implants per arch if one fails your whole bridge is no good. We also only use Highest Quality Dental Implants.
Second, your bridge is a one piece all digital designed nano-ceramic bridge instead of denture teeth that many centers use. Individual denture teeth are prone to breakage.
We mill your bridge to a 20 micron fit over your custom Trilor reinforced bar, that is twenty thousand of an inch for incredible precision fit.
Your bridge is hand stained and glazed by master ceramists for stunning aesthetics.

If you want to see how a three day transformational vacation could help solve your dental problems, call us for a free telephone consultation. I or one of my surgeons will be glad to speak to you in detail about the D5 Ultra. Call us at 904-265-9569.
If you want to see how a three day transformational vacation could help solve your dental problems, call us for a free telephone consultation. I or one of my surgeons will be glad to speak to you in detail about the D5 Ultra. Call us at 904-265-9569.

Are you ready for a complete smile transformation?

Contact us today to learn how you can get a beautiful and permanent new smile in just three days .

When it comes to new permanent teeth, there’s really just one choice… D5 Ultra Express

We have proudly helped hundreds of patients achieve smiles that brought new meaning to their lives

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Call us today for a free telephone consultation
Speak with one of our surgeons and learn how this revolutionary procedure could help solve your dental problems.

Why Choose D5

We are one of the few practices in the United States that offer the ability to truly make permanent hybrid teeth attached to implants in just 24 hours!

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We have proudly helped hundreds of patients achieve beautiful new smiles that brought new meaning to their lives. Watch their stories.

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Consumer Alert

All they offer is a temporary denture converted with temporary parts that allow it to be screwed into implants. Also called interim or converstion denture.

Bottom Line: Temporary teeth!

The Truth About Hybrids

**Pricing Terms and Conditions: Price quoted is cash fee or use of credit card. We offer many affordable payment plans up to seven years with low interest for patients that are approved. Patient is responsible for fees incurred. Offer includes airfare voucher for up to a $1000, reservations made by our office. Not all patient will be approved. Cannot be combined with any other offer. On severe complex cases removal of impacted wisdom teeth, old implant removal or severe bone loss reconstruction with grafts may incur additional fees. Offer may be cancelled at any time. We reserve the right to refuse service.

*** These are our opinions from 30 years of fabricating hybrid bridges on why 6 implants may be better than 4. This is not a scientifically published paper.

Opinion 1: Four implants are the minium number of implants to support a bridge. If one fails, bridge has to be redone. By placing 6 implants with a large a/p spread in many cases, we can lose 2 implants and have a functioning bridge.

Opinion 2: By placing 6 implants with a large a/p spread we are distributing less force on each implant when they are integrating and during the life of each implant lessening chance of failure.

Opinion 3: By placing 6 implants with a large a/p spread, we avoid large cantilevers on restoration which lessens chance of restoration breaking. Also, because of lack of cantilevers, there is less torque force on the implants.