All You Need To Know About D5 Teeth One week Zirconia vs. Many Other Teeth in a Day Centers!

This important video exposes the trade secrets many temporary teeth in a day centers use and the deceptive and incorrect terminology they use into making consumers believe they insert permanent teeth the same day of surgery. They Don’t!

It also shows how with revolutionary digital technology we may be the only center in the United States able to insert permanent zirconia teeth in one week and save many customers around $20,000 and months of your valuable time.


Say “NO” To Temporary Teeth

1 Week Zirconia Pricing
Nanoceramic Pricing

The truth about teeth in a day, hybrid or all on four techniques.

All they offer is a temporary denture

If you’ve been considering teeth in a day, all on four or hybrid restorations; it’s important to know at most you are simply getting either a temporary converted denture or milled or 3D printed temporary restoration that is converted on day of surgery. Can be called interim restorations or healing restorations but they’re still temporaries.

Months to deliver your final teeth

One of these large national companies only give you a temporary denture to wear over the many months they usually take to make your final bridge.

It’s all temporary

Other large corporate companies constantly advertising on TV their 21st century technology only give you temporary permanent teeth on the day of surgery. Usually months later, with many visits patients receive their permanent teeth.

Seems everyone offers teeth in one day

Almost anyone with a basic denture laboratory can send out to have a titanium bar made and then with very little technology and investment make a hybrid processed to denture teeth. In fact, that is what most labs around the country currently do. The problem? This process usually takes months to complete and in many cases denture teeth are still used, which are prone to breakage.

Temporary teeth and temporary parts

Many people have heard of “Teeth in a day” and assumed that they were getting permanent teeth in the same day. They don’t realize that in many cases they have to come back months later, many visits to get their permanent teeth. With “Teeth in a day”, you are either receiving a converted temporary denture, or temporary 3D printed or milled restoration converted on day of surgery. In other words, these are temporary teeth!

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Compare the D5 Ultra Express to the two top national providers of Hybrid Implant Supported Bridges

  • Final permanent teeth in 24 hours
  • Patient receives final permanent teeth, custom designed 24 hours after surgery.
  • 100% Custom Digital Design
  • 100% custom digital design, custom milled nanoceramic bridge, personalized for each patient.
  • Custom Titanium Bar
  • Custom milled titanium reinforcing bar for each arch to ensure perfect fit strength and long term durability of final set of teeth. **IMPORTANT** Having a non-custom titanium bar, that is not precisely designed for the teeth, can cause the entire restoration to fail with time.
  • 6 Implants per arch***
  • Placing six implants ensures your restoration remains successful even if one implant fails. The minimum number of implants needed to support an arch is 4, but if one implant fails the restoration is no good.
  • Upper, Lower or Both Arches
  • For patients that need only upper or lower restoration, we can do just one arch because the D5 is trully 100% custom digital design. We have no problem matching the occlusion of natural teeth or shade because all D5 hybrid bridges are custom designed.
  • Airfare up to $1,000
    Free hotel accommodations for two
    Free transportation from hotel to our office
  • Temporary (Provisional) Implant Teeth
  • Patient receives temporary set of teeth after surgery.
  • Not Digital
  • Procedure on final restoration is still denture based, not digital. You pretend you are making a denture and get to the wax try in state where patients see denture teeth on a temporary base. After patient approves denture set up, teeth are scanned (bio copy) and restoration is milled. Teeth are not custom digitally designed like the D5 process.
  • All Zirconia Restoration
  • All zirconia restoration.
  • 4 Implants per arch
  • Uses just 4 implants, which is the minimum number of implants needed to support an arch, but if one implant fails the restoration needs to be redone.
  • Upper, Lower or Both Arches
  • Offers options for upper or lower arch.
  • Airfare not included
    No provisions for hotel accommodations
    No provisions for transportation
  • Pre-made teeth in one visit
  • Patient receives a set of pre-made (made in bulk) teeth in one visit, NOT personalized and custom designed for each patient.
  • Semi-Custom Digital Technique
  • Patient receives a set of standard teeth in 24 hours but because teeth is pre-made, is not personalized and custom designed for each patient.
  • Non-custom Titanium Bar
  • This center makes teeth in bulk with the inside part of the hybrid kept hollowed, this allows for a non-custom titanium bar to be used. Having a non-custom titanium bar, that is not precisely designed for the teeth, can cause many problems and the entire restoration to fail with time.
  • 4 Implants per arch
  • Uses just 4 implants, which is the minimum number of implants needed to support an arch, but if one implant fails the restoration needs to be redone.
  • Most Cases Require Both Arches
  • Because teeth is premade, this center many times recommends patients to do both upper and lower arches even if patient has a good arch because they say is difficult to match occlusion and shade. They say they will do one arch if your natural arch is perfect.
    This again is caused by the fact that they do not use a 100% custom digital design and they have a difficult time matching pre-made teeth to natural arch. With the D5 Ultra Express, you do not have to do an unnecessary arch and have to spend around $20,000
  • Airfare not included
    Free hotel accommodations
    Free transportation


To celebrate our 20th year of providing implant supported bridges we are offering a once in a lifetime fee on the D5 ULTRA Express Implant Solution

$18,500 Per Arch

D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution may be the best value in the United States.

**All-inclusive fee! The $18,500 is the total global all-inclusive fee. It includes:

  • All all extractions except difficult impacted wisdom teeth, almost all bone grafts (except full sinus lifts and severely resorbed ridges)
  • IV hospital-level anesthesia or conscious sedation, your choice.
  • All surgery is done by one of our two board-certified surgeons who have placed thousands of implants.
  • It includes all follow-up appointments and cleanings for a year.

Experience and Skill

We are one of Florida’s largest, oldest, and most experienced implant centers. We have literally done several thousand hybrid bridges over the last twenty years.

All Procedure Under One Roof!

We are a state-of-the-art office with one of the most advanced in-house milling and design dental laboratories in the world. We have made a multi-million dollar investment in this unique center. Because of this cutting-edge technology that is all digital (not analog), we can lower our fees and for qualified patients, and in many cases, totally solve your dental problems in 24 hours!

Compare other offices that offer hybrid implant bridges. You will find with our D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution it not only will save you thousands in many cases but you don’t have to wear temporary teeth for months or, believe it or not, wear a simple denture for months before receiving your permanent teeth like some practices do!

Out Of Town Guests “New Smile Transformation Package”

If you are considering an implant hybrid bridge (All-on-Four, Teeth-In-A-Day) you might ask why would I drive or fly to your practice when I could get a hybrid bridge done in my hometown? The answer to this question is why we have so many patients come see us from all over the country. We have proudly helped patients nationwide achieve their dream smiles and have amazing offers for out-of-town patients.


**Pricing Terms and Conditions: Price quoted is cash fee or use of credit card. We offer many affordable payment plans up to seven years with low interest for patients that are approved.
Patient is responsible for fees incurred. Not all patient will be approved. Cannot be combined with any other offer. On severe complex cases removal of impacted wisdom teeth, old implant removal or severe bone loss reconstruction with grafts may incur additional fees. Offer may be cancelled at any time. We reserve the right to refuse service


Not all hybrids and full mouth restoration procedures work the same way. To help you better understand, let’s compare them with the D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution.

There are several other offices in the U.S. that advertise true permanent teeth in 24 hours. However, when you call they may tell you they only do full mouth cases. This means you have to do two arches at the same time (Upper and Lower), even if you only need one arch! So, let’s say you have your upper teeth in need of an implant supported bridge but your lower teeth are fine, if you go to this large national center they will only do your case if you let them extract your upper and lower teeth. Kind of dumb, isn’t it? If you call them they will tell you they need to do this to match the color of your teeth and your bite.

With the D5 Ultra Express Implant Solution, since it is truly custom designed, we have no problem exactly matching your bite or color of teeth if you only need one arch!

all on four implants


all on four implants


Because our nano-ceramic bridge is custom stained by a master ceramist, we have no problem matching your real teeth! Don’t let any office convince you that you need two arches even if one arch doesn’t need it! If they tell you they cannot do one arch they are not truly giving you a custom designed restoration. The problem these offices usually have is, they are like a shoe store! They mill out small, medium and large teeth before they even see you. The inside part of the ceramic restoration that should fit exactly to the bar is hollowed out so it will fit to a bar not custom made for your bridge. It is then filled in with denture plastic that is not even the same material. Because the teeth are pre-made like a shoe store and not custom designed it is easier to fit two arches together so the bite is good, however, this technique does not allow for one arch to be made because a designer doesn’t spend hours like we do with the D5 Ultra to exactly digitally match your good arch, that ethically should not be extracted! Each D5 Hybrid is custom designed by the highest qualified dental computer designers and the most sophisticated software. Also with our custom software it saves you thousands of dollars because we would never ethically consider extracting good teeth and doing an un needed arch!

Your other option is to go to centers that give you temporary teeth in one day and that usually make you wait months with many visits to get your final teeth and may still use denture teeth instead of a one piece nano-ceramic bridge that is dramatically stronger!


When our patients have adequate bone and are younger we feel it is critical to place six implants per arch versus four. Four is the minimum amount of implants needed to support one arch. If one implant fails the whole bridge is no good. This means the patient has to have new surgery and a new restoration made.

all on four implants


all on six implants


With the D5 Ultra Express, by placing six implants in patients with adequate bone we are over engineering the restoration by having two implants as back-ups. You can lose up to two implants and in most cases your bridge is still good. Also, by adding two additional implants the force is distributed to more implants when you chew which can reduces the chance of them ever failing. We could save thousands of dollars if we only did all on 4™ but we don’t, and I know you don’t want to do your bridge over.

Again, the all on 4™ procedure was originally designed for older patients to save them from extensive bone grafting procedures. It was originally never researched for a younger patient that may live forty more years! Just remember all on four™ is great but with “all on three” if you lose one implant you lose the whole bridge and have to have another surgery and new bridge made!


all on four implants

Permanent teeth delivered in 24 hours or one week for zirconia. Each hybrid is custom designed for each patient by the highest qualified dental computer designers.

Two Visits, 24 Hours
No Temporary Teeth


Most Teeth in a Day Centers

all on four implants

Other places offering new teeth in 24 hours can only provide temporary teeth. It requires many visits and about 32 weeks until they can deliver permanent teeth.

Two visits, you only receive a temporary converted denture. Usually, months later with many visits you receive permanent teeth.

Research is key when considering hybrid bridges

We urge patients considering an implant supported bridge to do their research. You should call multiple offices offering hybrid bridges and ask certain questions.

  • One, when you say teeth in the day are they the permanent teeth our are only temporary teeth.
  • Second if they’re only temporary teeth how many visits and how many months will it take to get my permanent teeth at your office.
  • Third, what material are they using for the teeth. Are they using denture teeth that don’t compare and strength to a one piece Milled bridge. When you use individual denture teeth they have a tendency when eating hard food or the normal compression of chewing to break off.
  • Fourth, are they using a custom milled one piece digitally designed Trilor reinforcing bar for the bridge as opposed to titanium, no titanium bar or laser welding titanium parts that cost less to make but don’t compare in strength.
  • Fifth what is the fee? Is it all-inclusive, does it include all extractions, all normal bone graphs except for sinus lifts, all implants, Final restoration, five year unconditional warranty like the D5, all cleanings and normal maintenance for one full year.
  • Last, make sure that you are not getting what is called a “long term provisional”, which is just a fancy term usually for an all plastic temporary restoration. This means at some point when the plastic restoration starts breaking down you didn’t have to pay extra for your final restoration.
I went in for the procedure and was done in about one hour. I had no pain whatsoever, no discomfort…it was just amazing! I went to work next morning. I wish I had done this a long time ago…Paulina (D5 Ultra Express Patient)

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*** These are our opinions from 30 years of fabricating hybrid bridges on why 6 implants may be better than 4. This is not a scientifically published paper.

Opinon 1: Four implants are the minium number of implants to support a bridge. If one fails, bridge has to be redone. By placing 6 implants with a large a/p spread in many cases, we can lose 2 implants and have a functioning bridge.

Opinion 2: By placing 6 implants with a large a/p spread we are distributing less force on each implant when they are integrating and during the life of each implant lessening chance of failure.

Opinion 3: By placing 6 implants with a large a/p spread, we avoid large cantilevers on restoration which lessens chance of restoration breaking. Also, because of lack of cantilevers, there is less torque force on the implants.